CASKET GRINDER - Fall into Dementia


Conceived in 2010, CASKET GRINDER is a Death Metal band based in Medellín, Colombia. With the sole intention to create a distinctive and super aggressive old school sound, these metal maniacs have fused elements from both the American and European Death Metal scenes to produce a tasteful cacophony of instrumental dexterity and maleficent vocals.

"Fall into Dementia" is CASKET GRINDER’s first full-length and was recorded at Umbral Estudio in Medellín, Colombia. This sonic tapestry of brutal vocals and instrumental blitzkrieg examines many aspects of what it means to be human such as despair, insanity, and fear of the unknown along with delirium caused by mental disorders or drug abuse. Get ready for a deep-dive into the darker, unhinged fragments of the psyche.

AWA 021 CD - CASKET GRINDER - Fall into Dementia

01 Re-sonator
02 The Portal
03 What Lies Across
04 Behold the Abominations
05 Partially Digested
06 Impending Lust
07 Buzzing Frenzy
08 Hunger in The Morgue
09 The Final Summoning
10 Fall into Dementia


Released on June 6th, 2020.